Message from the Center Head

Center head
INABA Tsuguharu

My name is Tsuguharu Inaba. I serve as the head of the Kumamoto University Eisei Bunko Research Center.

This center was established in response to requests from the Eisei Bunko Foundation and the Kumamoto Prefectural Board of Education. These parties believed that joint-research conducted primarily by members of the Faculty of Letters with help from the center staff could yield a certain amount of academically valuable research findings. Its operation is made possible by the receipt of dedicated research funding from the Kumamoto Prefecture Eisei Bunko Permanent Exhibition Promotion Fund (controlled by the Culture Section of the Kumamoto Prefectural Board of Education), much of which is generously donated by Higo Bank.

The aim of this center is to delve deeper in research on the enormous collection of Eisei Bunko materials that have been entrusted to the Kumamoto University Library, thereby opening up new avenues for academic research in the humanities and social sciences, and to spread appreciation for the cultural heritage of the region. Furthermore, we hope to train a new generation of young researchers who posses strong foundational knowledge regarding how to academically examine documents by engaging in continuous research and analysis of historical and literary documents.
For now, our staff of one full-time instructor, two joint-department instructors, one academic researcher, and three research assistants will strive to advance our research and analysis of the rich and fascinating content of our collection of Eisei Bunko documents.

All of us at the center ask for your understanding and cooperation in our pursuit of this mission.

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