Organization and Management

(1) Center Staff

The following staff are appointed to advance the center's research projects. The backbone of the staff are the center's full-time instructor and other instructors who concurrently serve as staff of the Faculty of Letters, whose work is supplemented by academic researchers and research assistants.

Center head 1
Full-time instructor 1
Concurrently appointed instructors 3
Part-time research assistants and collaborators A few
Research assistants A few
Administrative aid 1

(2) Meetings

1. Eisei Bunko Research Center Operation Committee (university faculty only)

The operation committee convenes to deliberate on matters related to the administration of the center, such as its budget, human resources, operations, etc.

  • Center head
  • Center full-time instructor
  • Dean of Faculty of Letters
  • University Head of Graduate Research in Social Sciences and the Humanities
  • Head of the University Library
  • One full-time instructor specializing in Japanese History or Japanese cultural studies from each of the Faculty of Letters and the department of Graduate Research in Social Sciences and the Humanities
  • A few other individuals determined as being necessary for determining the matters at hand by the center head
2. Eisei Bunko Permanent Exhibition Promotion Fund Usage Committee (includes non-faculty parties)

This committee monitors and evaluates the center's activities, including the study and research of Eisei Bunko, its policies for carrying out projects, and progress towards achieving its project and organizational goals.

  • Committee Chairperson (Standing Director of Eisei Bunko Affairs)
  • Representative Director - Head of the Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art or Dean of the Kumamoto University Faculty of Letters
  • Head of the Eisei Bunko Research Center
  • 2 Professors Emeritus of Kumamoto University
  • Surveyor from the Office of Cultural Affairs Fine Arts Division (specializing in industrial crafts and ancient texts)

(3) Committee Rules

  • Eisei Bunko Research Center Overview
  • よくある質問 Q & A
  • 研究紹介