Zaimachi 19th Century Domain Residents Evaluation and Commendations Records Analysis Catalog

We have analyzed and published a catalog of the Zaimachi, which are records from the Kumamoto Domain which evaluate and commend the citizens of the Kumamoto Domain in the 19th century based on their charitable donations and service.

From the 11th year of the Kansei Period (1799) to the third year of the Meiji Period (1870), the details of the donations, monetary contributions, and service activities--as well as commendations resulting from these good works--of all Kumamoto Domain citizens (excluding the busho class) were thoroughly recorded in 105 volumes of ledgers, for a total of over 20,400 individual records.
These public works and donations of citizens had wide-spread positive effects on the region, and their records serve as a valuable document in illustrating the positive impacts made by the administration of this domain.

<Excerpt from an article in the Kumamoto Nichi Nichi Newspaper:>
Zaimachi Analysis Catalog
Zaimachi Documents Entrusted to the University Library
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