Hosokawa Clan Historical Documents and Publications

Hosokawa Clan Historical Documents and Publications
Masato Mori, Tsuguharu Inaba Ed. (Yoshikawa Kobunkan March, 2013)

This volume is based on over 43,000 Eisei Bunko documents that were passed down from the Kumamoto Domain Hosokawa Clan and entrusted to Kumamoto University.
This book analyzes these historical documents using a variety of themes spanning the fields of historical and literary studies, drawing from the unique and enduring legacy of the area based on the unique Daimyo Histories, the sprawling Domain Office Histories, the writings of Nobunaga passed down by the Hosokawa Clan, archives containing Japanese-Chinese writings, and so on.
Researchers can enjoy the search for the true form of the fundamental unit of societal structure in Japan's modern period: the daimyo household.
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